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Lighting Design

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner



You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown is a celebration of a child’s imagination.  Beginning with a colorless rainy day, six bored kids, and a collection of Peanuts comics, a colorful world is brought into being with the children jumping into the roles of their inked counterparts.  Lighting boldly splashed color across scenic shapes reminiscent of a cartoon strip.  As the kids say the words, so the world is created through lighting. Clouds zoom past Snoopy flying his Sopwith Camel. A baseball diamond and pitchers mound appears for Charlie Brown only to see him to strike out once again. A grassy field, bright yellow Sun (and even a rabbit to chase) snap into existence with one word from Sally.  The Moon rises and Stars twinkle as the group quiets reflecting on what happiness is.  And just when they’re deciding where their minds can take them next, the rainy day ceases and our six storytellers race outside to play, leaving a collection of old comics behind for children of all ages to (re)discover

director - Katie Spelman

scenic - Scott Davis

costumes - Emily Tarleton

lighting - Michael J. Stanfill

2010 - Northwestern University



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