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The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild; A Roadtrip by Greg Owens

Video Design

director - Jacklyn Jutting

scenic - Michael Lasswell

lighting - Rich Norwood

video - Michael J. Stanfill

2012 - Roosevelt University Theater




In The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild we follow the road trip of the title character as she travels to the Motel where she was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to spread the ashes of her recently diseased mother.  Along the way other colorful characters, each on their own journey (such as Rose and Valerie the conjoined twins, and simpleton Clyde and his Miss Nebraska girlfriend) find their way serendipitously to the same Motel.  Drawing from research of signage one might encounter on a trip across the America, as well inspirations drawn from specific characters such as the noir-esqe titles for Edward Caribou, Boy Detective, the projections displayed the titles for each of the 38 scenes in a collage of styles and inspirations from Americana.  At other points, the projections did provide backdrops for entire scenes, namely in moment when we hear from Tulsa’s father Woody who was killed in Vietnam.  In the end, Tulsa finally comes to terms with who she is and who the world expects her to be as she gazes peacefully down the interstate.

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