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Lighting and Projection Design

Hotel Cassiopeia by Charles Mee

director - Michael Stauffer

scenic - Dan Stratton

lighting/projection - Michael J. Stanfill

costumes - Izumi Inaba

2013 - Wheaton College Arena Theater




​​"As Cornell was a collage artist – bringing together disparate objects and images that created new worlds of resonance in their carefully arranged juxtaposition, so Charles Mee , the playwright, has cobbled together a nonlinear assemblage of thoughts and stories that probes the inner experiences of this great, but perhaps little known, American artist. With no particular regard to appropriate temporal continuity, Mee focuses rather on the relationships that fed and influenced Cornell’s work. Cornell fashioned boxes in which different worlds and different time frames coexist in “exquisite harmony”. Mee models his play after this poetic assemblage of disparate images and personalities." - Wheaton College Arena Theater

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