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Video Design

Completeness by Itamar Moses


​​Love Defies Logic

"Elliot has been a grad student for longer than he likes to think. When he collaborates on an experiment with ambitious 1st year molecular biologist Molly, his solution seems to suggest an answer to one of the great unsolved problems on computer science. But even as Elliot and Molly unravel the complexities of the science, they get tangled up in the unsolvable problems of love.

Completeness is a dazzling, virtuosic mashup of a romantic comedy with computer science, mathematics and molecular biology. You have never seen such a smart, beautiful (and accurate) play that perfectly parallels our modern intersection between analysis and the heart." - Theater Wit

director - Jeremy Wechsler

scenic - Joe Schermoly

lighting - Michael Rourke

video - Michael J. Stanfill

2013 - Theater Wit



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